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MH-53J "Pave Low III"
20th SOS/1st SOW, Hurlburt Field, FL, USA

Ser. no.Nose artCommentPhotos
66-14429 23/09-29/09/1990 
66-14432 23/09-29/09/1990
sand/brown camo
68-10356 1st war mission, White team, leader
1st coalition aircraft on Kuwait City Intl.
1st coalition aicraft at U.S. embassy in Kuwait City
sand/brown camo, white invasion stripes
Photo 1 Photo 2
68-10358 Euro I camo, white invasion stripesPhoto 1
68-10364 sand/brown camo, white invasion stripesPhoto 1
68-10367 1st war mission, White team, chalk 2
sand/brown camo
Photo 1
68-10369 1st war mission, Red team, chalk 2
sand/brown camo
68-10930 Pilot Capt. Tom Trask
Copilot Maj. Mike Homan
Left gunner MSgt. Tim Hadrych
TSgt. Jim Peterson
Sgt. Craig Dock
TSgt. Greg Vanhyning
Sgt. Ben Penningon (PJ)
Callsign "Moccasin 05"
"Slate 46" (F-14A+) pickup during Desert Storm
1st successful combat rescue since Vietnam *
sand/brown camo, white invasion stripes
Video on Youtube
69-5789 sand/brown camo, white invasion stripesPhoto 1 Photo 2
69-5795 hard landing in desert, tail separated
sent back to USA, repaired
sand/brown camo, white invasion stripes
69-5797 sand/brown camoPhoto 1 Photo 2
70-1630 1st war mission, Red team, leader 
70-1631 sand/brown camo 
* Wingman - Callsign "Moccasin 04" - Pilot Capt Mike Kingsley, Copilot Capt Mike Beard

NOTE: First four MH-53Js arrived on 12/08/1990.

One machine (either 66-14429 or 66-14432, former HH-53Bs) developed structural problems between fuselage and sponsons on 23/09/1990.
They were former HH-53Bs with support braces between fuselage and sponsons.
Both helos were grounded. On 29/09/1990 two new helos (68-10369 and 69-5797) arrived to Gulf as replacemements.
Both older helos were sent back to USA on 30/09/1990 for overhaul and after that they served untill retirement in 2007.
NOTE: Atleast 66-14432 was repainted in Gulf to sand/brown camouflage, but retained FS 36622 Light Grey undersides.
On 99% this airframe was still in South East Asia camo with FS 36622 Light Grey undersides before. Atleast one other MH-53J was repainted this way, but it was former HH-53C (no support braces).

MH-53J "Pave Low III"
21st SOS/39th SOW "Dust Devils", RAF Woodbridge, UK - Batman AB, Turkey (13/01 – 18/03/1991)

Ser. no.Nose artCommentPhotos
70-1626 "Corvette 03"(F-15E) rescue attempt 

NOTE: The helos arrived to Batman AB on 20/01/1991. Looks like the helos at Batman AB were not resprayed to sand/brown camouflage and remained in European I camo. This quite makes sense considering Turkey´s landscapes.

Info from Wayne Fowler about 68-10357:

Hello Jakub. My info comes from people who were there in the squadron. They all claim this aircraft was involved in Desert Storm with various mission claims (some crews have said that this aircraft was the MH-53 which lead the opening assault by Army AH-64's on the Iraqi radar station, and other crews have said that this aircraft was the aircraft which rescued Lt. Devon Jones) associated to this airframe. I have not any positive proof at this point however at this point in time. I am told this aircraft was in desert camouflage (brown/tan camo with three white tail stripes) during Desert Storm. I am concerned about accuracy because this aircraft is considered significant by the MH-53 community, and some missions attributed to it may not be accurate. It was considered by all within the squadron as one of the most reliable aircraft of the MH-53's and a crew favorite. During operations in Iraq, the aircraft was given forbidden decoration (aircraft were not to carry names or nose art) with the name 357 MAGNUM painted in a light gray along the walkways on the upper fuselage. A place where it would not be seen by commanding officers. The name MAGNUM comes from the movie "Dirty Harry" with Clint Eastwood where the gun he carries is a Smith and Wesson .357 Magnum Python handgun. It is actually quite a large calibre gun. Because of the serial number on the aircraft "357" the crews named the aircraft MAGNUM.

Kuwait IAP. One helo has non-resprayed green external fuel tanks. Original size