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MH-3E "Pave Pig"
71st SOS (AFRES), Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona - Ras al Mishab, Saudi Arabia

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5 MH-3E Jolly Greens were sent to Gulf for SAR and CSAR.
First idea to bring them to Gulf war was to send some MH-60Gs back to USA to keep the modification line for them opened.
Helos recieved GPS antennas, SATCOMs, FLIRs and double-mount AN/ALQ-144(V)3 IRCM jammers (already had AN/APR-39A(V)1 RHAWS)
The helos retained door-mounted M-60D machine-guns when the promised M-240Es failed to arrive.
The helos routinely operated with a single 0.50-in machine-gun on the rear ramp, like that fitted on MH-53J.
Plans were made to fit Tracor AN/ALE-40 chaff/flare launchers, but these didn´t arrived in time.
They deployed to Saudi Arabia 12/01/91 and returned back to States 21/03/91.
They were stationed at Ras al Mishab at Saudi Arabia. Helicopters accounted 251 missions.

Info from Craig Bergman, CMSgt, USAF retired:

We installed the 144s and FLIR prior to leaving Davis-Monthan AFB in December.
I was the one that named them MH-3Es as a joke when I arrived in-theater on the ADVON team but the designation took and once adopted and briefed, I let it go.
You are correct regarding the Chaff/Flare systems that never got installed and the M-240s arrived too late to employ due to paperwork.

MH-3E Pave Pig
MH-3E Pave Pig
MH-3E Pave Pig