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Nose art gallery: 415th TFS Part 1 Part 2 416th TFS Part 1 Part 2

F-117A "Night Hawk"
415th and 416th TFS/37th TFW, tail code "TR" - Tonopah AFB, Nevada, USA - Khamis Mushait AB, Saudi Arabia

Ser. no.Nose artCommentPhotos
80-0786War Pig24 missionsPhoto 1
80-0789Black Magic (before Night Stalker)31 missions 
80-0790Deadly Jester (before Obsidian)30 missions 
80-0791Lazy Ace33 missionsPhoto 1
81-10793Wiley E. Coyote's Tritonal Express33 missions 
81-10794Delta Dawn35 missions 
81-10796Fatal Attraction29 missions 
81-10797Spell Bound9 missions 
81-10798Aces and Eights34 missionsPhoto 1 Photo 2
82-0799Midnight Rider21 missionsPhoto 1
82-0801Perpetrator38 missions 
82-0802Black Magic19 missions 
82-0803Unexpected Guest33 missionsPhoto 1
82-0806Something Wicked39 missions 
83-0807The Chickenhawk14 missions 
83-0808Thor37 missionsPhoto 1
84-0810Dark Angel26 missionsPhoto 1
84-0811Double Down33 missions 
Pilot Brian "Axel" Foley
42 missions 
85-0813The Toxic Avenger
Pilot Col. Alton C. Whitley
35 missionsPhoto 1 Photo 2 Photo 3
85-0814Final Verdict34 missionsPhoto 1
85-0816Lone Wolf30 missions Photo 1
85-0817Shaba17 missions 
85-0818The Overachiever38 missionsPhoto 1
85-0819Raven Beauty30 missions 
86-0821Sneak Attack32 missionsPhoto 1 Photo 2
Pilot LtCol Ralph Getchell
33 missionsPhoto 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 Photo 5
Photo 6 Photo 7 Photo 8 Photo 9
84-1826Nachtfalke29 missionsPhoto 1
85-0829Avenging Angel23 missions 
85-0830Black Assassin31 missionsPhoto 1
85-0832Once Bitten30 missions 
85-0833Black Devil33 missions 
85-0834Necromancer34 missions 
85-0835The Dragon26 missions 
85-0836Christine39 missions 
86-0837Habu II31 missions 
86-0838Magic Hammer36 missionsPhoto 1 Photo 2
86-0839Midnight Reaper39 missionsPhoto 1
86-0840Black Widow32 missions 
88-0841Mystic Warrior18 missions 
88-0842It's Hammertime33 missions 
88-0843Affectionately Christine33 missions 

Khamis Mushait AB parking sign