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Lockheed C-5A/B "Galaxy"

126 C-5A/B served in Operation Desert Storm.


60th MAW, Travis AFB, CA - C-5A/B
436th MAW, Dover AFB, DE - C-5A/B
443rd MAW, Altus AFB, OK - C-5B
137th MAS/105th MAG, Stewart ANGB, NY - C-5A
68th MAS/443rd MAW, Kelly AFB, TX - C-5A
337th MAS/439th MAW, Westover AFB, MA - C-5A

C-5A 68-0228 (in Euro 1 camouflage) of the 60th MAW crewed by Reservists of the 443rd MAW crashed at Ramstein 29/8/90.
The crash was attributed to a faulty thrust reverser. 13 were killed, only 4 survivors
All 80 front-line and 46 Reserve C-5s were extensively involved in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm.