Hasegawa 1:48 RF-4C Phantom II 64-1047, USAF

The Story

As part of the Operation Desert Shield buildup, six RF-4Cs of the 106th TRS, 117th TRW, Alabama ANG, deployed on 24 August 1990 to Shaikh Isa Air Base, Bahrain, Bahrain. Initially assigned to HQ CENTAF, the 106th TRS was later further assigned to the 35th TFW (Provisional). Unfortunately, 64-1044 crewed by Major Barry K. Henderson and Lt. Col. Stephen G. Schraam was lost in an operational accident on 8 October 1990. The 106th TRS, however, did not engage in combat operations during Operation Desert Storm. Because of the limited duration which an ANG unit can be activated, the 106th TRS was relieved in November by the 192nd TRS of the Nevada ANG. The 106th TRS left behind their Phantoms which the 192nd TRS operated for the remainder of Desert Shield and into Desert Storm.

The Kit

Little aftermarket was used for this build; the only resin I used was to replace the ejection seats. The crew figures were the kit figures but replaced with parts from the Hasegawa F-16C kit with HGU-55 helmets. The load-out I used was three fuel tanks and an ALQ-131 ECM pod. Decals are from the Airdoc 48006 "Gulf War Warriors - US F-4s in South West Asia" sheet. I chose the option to build a jet from the 106th TRS.