Italeri 1:48 Mirage F1EDA QA-76 Qatar Air Force

The Story

Qatari Mirages flew bombing missions along USAF F-16s. They also flew CAP patrols.

The Kit

This build is the Mirage F.1CT/CR kit built to look like a Qatari Mirage F.1EDA. This mainly meant just not using the CT/CR parts. The kit cockpit was replaced with the Cobra Company set and with an ejection seat from Black Box. The kit only has one fuel tank so another had to be acquired from another Mirage F1 kit. The Remora ECM pod and pylon where scratchbuilt. The top side colours were done with Gunze Sangyo paints mixed to the colour I preferred. The underside was painted Azure Blue. Decals came from the Carpena 48.06 sheet. However, I did not like the colour of the roundels on that sheet or any sheet available. I therefore ended up using another sheet for roundels but painted the middle colour with a paint brush.