AFV Club 1:48 F-5E Tiger II 1010, Royal Saudi Air Force

The Story

I could not find much information on Saudi F-5E combat action during the 1991 Gulf War. Nor was I able to find much reference pictures. From what I could find, they participated in bombing Iraqi positions relatively close to Saudi Arabia. However I could not find any information on the load-out configuration of these Saudi jets during the conflict. A war time weapons load would have been my preference, but I settled on a look of a Desert Shield aircraft. I retained the wing pylons so I may change the weapons load if I am to ever find reference pictures.

The Kit

To build a Saudi F-5E variant, the AFV F-5E Chile/Morocco boxing was used. This boxing provided the proper leading edge extension and refueling probe required. Assembly was a straightforward following of the instructions. Painting was with Model Master and Gunze acrylic paints. Decals were mix of various sheets. I was not satisfied with the decal sheet I initially planned to use so instead relied on decals for a Saudi Tornado as a substitute.