Welcome to Desert Storm pages dedicated to modellers,
who would like to build kits of planes and helicopters from Desert Storm.

Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Jakub Cikhart and I live in Prague, in the Czech Republic. I am a plastic modeler with focus on modern jet and prop planes, especially on planes and helicopters which served with the coalition forces in Desert Storm. I would like to provide pages whereby modelers could find:

- whole list of planes which served in Desert Storm
- serial numbers and Bureau numbers and other code numbers
- "nose art", nick names and kill markings
- armament configuration for each type of plane
- units info and location
- kits, decal options
- interesting links

So, if you are ready,

!!!! LET´S GO !!!!

!!! Record of 10 000 pics broken !!!
more than 10 170 photograps online

Any additonal info, corrections, text or photos of planes from Desert Storm are very appreciated !!!!
You can contact me via email or via Facebook