1:35 Photoetched sets - AFV - ZOOM - COLOR

Cat. no.NameManufacturerInstruction sheet
TP500US Infantry Weapon WWIITamiya 351211
TP501German Infantry Weapon WWIITamiya 351111
TP502German bike licence plates  
TP503German car licence plates  
TP504US cal. 30 Ammo. Boxes WW.II 1
TP505Willys Jeep placards 1
TP506Dodge placards 1
TP507US Cal.50 Ammo. Boxes WW.II 1
TP508US Ammo. Boxes present 1
TP510Ammunition belts US Cal.30  
TP511US. Cal.30 Ammo. Boxes Vietnam 1
TP512US. Cal.50 Ammo. Boxes Vietnam 1
TP513German Tie Downs and Straps  
TP514German Infantry Grenades WWII 1
TP515US Tie Downs and Straps  
TP516M-1025 Humvee placardsTamiya1
TP517German insignia and medals WWII  
TP518US insignia and medals WWII  
TP522German SS Panzer Ranks WWII  
TP523German Military Police Ranks WWII  
TP524German Medical Ranks WWII  
TP525German Africa Corps Infantry Ranks WWII  
TP526German SS Artilery Ranks WWII  
TP527German SS Infantry Ranks WWII  
TP528Radio equipment WWII Wehrmacht 1
TP529AAVP-7 cargo seatbeltsHobby Boss1
TP530StuG.III Ausf.G new tool interiorDragon 63651
TP531StuG.III Ausf.F/8 interiorDragon 66441
TP532Soviet insignia and medals 1940-1943  
TP533Soviet insignia and medals 1944-1945  
TP534Nashorn radioAFV Club1