1:32 Photoetch sets - PLANES

32001 - 32500  32501 - 32999

Cat. no.NameManufacturerInstruction sheet
32001German seatbelts 1
32005Fw-190 flapsRevell1
32006Soviet buckles  
32008Seatbelts USAF 1
32009Mig-29 UBRevell1
32010P-51D MustangHasegawa1
32011F6F HellcatHasegawa1
32012Bf-109G interiorRevell1
32013P-51B MustangRevell1
32014Bf-109G exteriorRevell1
32015F4F-4 WildcatRevell1
32017P-40E WarhawkRevell1
32018A6M ZeroHasegawa1
32019Bf-110G interiorRevell1
32020Bf-110G exteriorRevell1
32021F4U-1 CorsairRevell1
32022Me-262A interiorRevell1
32023Me-262A exteriorRevell1
32024F-4F Phantom II interiorRevell1
32025F-4F Phantom II exteriorRevell1
32026F6F-5E HellcatHasegawa1
32027F-86F interiorHasegawa1
32028F-86F exteriorHasegawa1
32029Spitfire Mk.Vb interiorHasegawa1
32030Spitfire Mk.Vb exteriorHasegawa1
32031F-15E Strike EagleTamiya1
32032F-4C/D Phantom IITamiya1
32033Ju-87B StukaRevell1
32034Tornado IDS/Gr.Mk 1Revell1
32036Fw-190A-5/A-8 FlapsHasegawa1
32037Hawker HunterRevell1
32038Seatbelts RAF W.W.II type 1
32039Seatbelts RAF W.W.II type 1
32040SBD-5 Dauntles interiorRevell1
32041F-4J Phantom IITamiya1
32042SBD-5 Dauntles exteriorRevell1
32043Alouette IIRevell1
32044Fi-156 StorchHasegawa1
32045F-14A Tomcat InteriorTamiya1
32046Bf-109E InteriorHasegawa1
32047Ki-43 II OscarHasegawa1
32048Bf-109E ExteriorHasegawa1
32049F-14 Tomcat ExteriorTamiya1
32052F-16A Fighting FalconHasegawa1
32053Seatbelts Luftwaffe WW.II 1
32054MiG-21 MF exteriorTrumpeter1
32055MiG-21 MF interiorTrumpeter1
32056F-15C EagleTamiya1
32057F-104S/G Starfighter interiorHasegawa1
32060F-104S/G Starfighter exteriorHasegawa1
32061A-10A Interior SetTrumpeter1
32062A-10A Exterior SetTrumpeter1
32063A-10A Armament SetTrumpeter1
32064A6M5 Zero InteriorTamiya1
32065A6M5 Zero ExteriorTamiya1
32066A6M5 Zero EngineTamiya1
32067UH-60L exteriorAcademy1
32068Seatbelts IJN 1
32069Seatbelts IJA 1
32071UH-60L interiorAcademy1
32072F-4E Phantom II interior setTamiya1
32073F-4E Phantom II Exterior setTamiya1
32074F-4E Phantom II Armament setTamiya1
32076Seatbelts USAF & USN WW II 1
32077Seatbelts Luftwaffe WWII 1
32078Mig-19S InteriorTrumpeter1
32079F-4E MB Mk.7 Ejection seatTamiya1
32080F-4E Phantom II ExhaustTamiya1
32081Mig-21F InteriorTrumpeter 1
32082Mig-21F exteriorTrumpeter1
32083Mig-21F Engine setTrumpeter1
32084Mig-19S ExteriorTrumpeter1
32085Mig-19S Engine setTrumpeter1
32086UH-1C Huey interiorAcademy1
32087AH-1W Super Cobra exteriorAcademy/MRC1
32088Seatbelts RAF WW.II 1
32089Seatbelts German WW.I 1
32090AH-1W Super Cobra interiorAcademy1
32091AH-1W/T Super Cobra ArmamentAcademy/MRC1
32092UH-1C Huey ExteriorAcademy1
32093UH-1C Huey ArmamentAcademy/MRC1
32094AH-64D Longbow APACHE interiorKangnam1
32095AH-64D Longbow APACHE exteriorKangnam1
32096Seatbelt RAF late 1
32097AH-64A APACHE interiorKangnam1
32098AH-64A APACHE exteriorKangnam1
32099Fw-190D-9 interior setHasegawa1
32100Fw-190D-9 exterior setHasegawa1
32101Fw-190D-9 landing flapsHasegawa1
32102Bf-109G Acces and scribing templatesHasegawa1
32103AH-64A APACHE armament setKangnam1
32104Fw-190D Access and scribing templatesHasegawa1
32105F/A-18 Hornet exhaust setAcademy1
32106F/A-18 Hornet exteriorAcademy1
32107F/A-18 Hornet ArmamentAcademy1
32108F-105 Thunderchief ArmamentTrumpeter1
32109F4F-4 WildcatTrumpeter1
32110AH-64D Longbow Apache Armament setKangnam1
32111F/A-18 Hornet mesh setAcademy1
32112F4U-1 Corsair exteriorTrumpeter1
32113F-105D Thunderchief exteriorTrumpeter1
32114F4U-1 Corsair Access and scribbingTrumpeter1
32115MiG-29 Fulcrum Interior setRevell1
32116MiG-29 Fulcrum exterior setRevell1
32117F4F Wildcat Landing flapsHasegawa1
32118F4U-1 Corsair interior setTrumpeter1
32120MiG-3 Landing FlapsTrumpeter1
32121Bf-109K exteriorHasegawa1
32122Bf-109K interiorHasegawa1
32123F4U-4 exteriorTrumpeter1
32124F4U-4 interiorTrumpeter1
32125P-38L Lightning interiorTrumpeter1
32126P-38J/L Lightning exteriorTrumpeter1
32127Mi-24V Hind exteriorTrumpeter1
32128F-16CJ Fighting Falcon exterierTamiya1
32129Mi-24V Hind armamentTrumpeter1
32130Fw-190A landing flapsHasegawa1
32131TBF/TBM Avenger engineTrumpeter1
32132Fw-190A-8 exteriorHasegawa1
32133F-105G Thunderchief exteriorTrumpeter1
32134P-38L Lightning undercarriageTrumpeter1
32135Fw-190A-5 landing flaps (new tool)Hasegawa1
32136Fw 190A-5 exteriorHasegawa1
32137Su-27B Flanker exteriorTrumpeter1
32138TBF/TBM Avenger exteriorTrumpeter1
32139TBF/TBM Avenger landing flapsTrumpeter1
32140TBF/TBM Avenger bomb bayTrumpeter1
32141Ki-84 Hayate landing flapsHasegawa1
32142Ki-84 Hayate exteriorHasegawa1
32143TBF/TBM Avenger bomb tailTrumpeter1
32144F-14A Tomcat exteriorTamiya1
32145Fw-190F-8 landing flapsHasegawa1
32146Fw-190F-8 exteriorHasegawa1
32147F-16CJ Fighting Falcon exteriorAcademy1
32148F-4C/D Phantom II exteriorTamiya1
32149F-16 Fighting Falcon ladder 1
32150P-40B Tomahawk exteriorTrumpeter1
32151P-40B Tomahawk landing flapsTrumpeter1
32152P-36 Hawk landing flapsSpecial Hobby1
32153CH-47A Chinook exteriorTrumpeter1
32154SBD Dauntless exteriorTrumpeter1
32155Ju-87G-2 Stuka exteriorHasegawa1
32156A-7E Corsair II armamentTrumpeter1
32157UH-60A Black Hawk exteriorAcademy1
32158MH-60G Pave Hawk exteriorAcademy/MRC1
32159CH-47D Chinook exteriorTrumpeter1
32160SBD Dauntless engineTrumpeter1
32161A6M2 Zero type 21 engineTamiya 603171
32162A6M2 Zero type 21 exteriorTamiya1
32163SBD Dauntless landing flapsTrumpeter1
32164Bf-109G-6 exteriorHasegawa1
32165Bf-109G-14 exteriorHasegawa1
32166A6M2 Zero type 21 landing flapsTamiya1
32167Ju-87D Stuka exteriorHasegawa1
32168P-51D Mustang exteriorDragon1
32169F-15E Strike Eagle exteriorTamiya1
32170F4F-3 Wildcat gun bayTrumpeter1
32171P-39D Airacobra exteriorSpecial Hobby1
32172Spitfire Mk.Vb exteriorHasegawa1
32173Spitfire Mk.Vb landing flapsHasegawa1
32174P-47D-25 Thunderbolt exteriorHasegawa1
32175Ki-61 I Hei Hien exteriorHasegawa1
32176Ki-61 I Hei Hien landing flapsHasegawa1
32177F-15E Strike Eagle weapons setTamiya1
32178P-39D Airacobra undercarriageSpecial Hobby1
32179F4F-3 Wildcat exteriorTrumpeter1
32180P-39D Airacobra landing flapsSpecial Hobby1
32181F-100D Super Sabre exteriorTrumpeter1
32182F4F-3 Wildcat landing flapsTrumpeter1
32183F4F-3 Wildcat undercarriageTrumpeter1
32184F-100D Super Sabre weapon bayTrumpeter1
32185F-100D Super Sabre wheel wells and undercarriageTrumpeter1
32186F-100D Super Sabre slatsTrumpeter1
32187F6F-5 Hellcat exteriorTrumpeter1
32188F6F-5 Hellcat engineTrumpeter1
32189F6F-5 Hellcat undercarriageTrumpeter1
32190F6F-5N Hellcat gun bayTrumpeter1
32191F6F-5 Hellcat gun bayTrumpeter1
32192SBD-5 Dauntless engineTrumpeter1
32193F-100D Super Sabre air brakeTrumpeter1
32194P-47D Thunderbolt gun bayTrumpeter1
32195P-47D-20 Thunderbolt exteriorTrumpeter1
32196P-47D Thunderbolt engineTrumpeter1
32197P-47D Thunderbolt wheel wellsTrumpeter1
32198P-47D-25 Thunderbolt exteriorTrumpeter1
32199SBD-5 Dauntless exteriorTrumpeter1
32200P-47M Thunderbolt exteriorHasegawa1
32201F6F-3 Hellcat exteriorTrumpeter1
32202F6F-3 Hellcat undercarriageTrumpeter1
32203F6F-3 Hellcat engineTrumpeter1
32204P-47M Thunderbolt undercarriageHasegawa1
32205F6F-3 Hellcat gun bayTrumpeter1
32206P-40E Warhawk exteriorHasegawa1
32207P-40E Warhawk landing flapsHasegawa1
32208F-105 ArmamentTrumpeter1
32209P-40E Warhawk gun bayHasegawa1
32210Me-262B-1 Schwalbe exteriorTrumpeter1
32211P-47N Thunderbolt exteriorTrumpeter1
32212P-51B wheel wellsTrumpeter1
32213P-51B exteriorTrumpeter1
32214P-51B gun bayTrumpeter1
32215P-47N Thunderbolt undercarriageTrumpeter1
32216P-51D exteriorTrumpeter1
32217Bf-110C exteriorDragon1
32218P-51D gun bayTrumpeter1
32220F8F exteriorTrumpeter1
32221P-40K gun bayHasegawa1
32222P-40K landing flapsHasegawa1
32223P-40K exteriorHasegawa1
32224Ju 88A exteriorRevell1
32225F-8J exteriorTrumpeter1
32226P-51D wheel wellsTrumpeter1
32227BAC Lightning F.1A/F.3 exteriorTrumpeter1
32228WWI stitching 1
32229WWI lacing 1
32230Wire stretchers and controlhorns 1
32231BAC Lightning ladderTrumpeter1
32232Bf-109G-10 exteriorHasegawa1
32233F-8E/J weaponsTrumpeter1
32234EF-2000 Single Seater exteriorTrumpeter1
32235Bf-110D exteriorDragon1
32236Swordfish Mk.I exteriorTrumpeter1
32237F-8E exteriorTrumpeter1
32238Ki-44 Shoki exteriorHasegawa1
32239F-86F-30 exteriorKinetic1
32240Swordfish hinges and surface panelsTrumpeter1
32241F-8E/J wing central sectionTrumpeter1
32242BAC Lightning F.2A/F.6 exteriorTrumpeter1
32243Su-30 Flanker G exteriorTrumpeter1
32244F-86F-40 exteriorKinetic1
32245EF-2000 Single Seater exteriorRevell1
32246Spitfire Mk.IX landing flapsTamiya1
32247EF-2000 Double Seater exteriorTrumpeter1
32248EF-2000 ladderRevell/Trumpeter1
32249Spitfire Mk.IX exteriorTamiya1
32250Swordfish Mk.II exteriorTrumpeter1
32251Bf-109E-3 exteriorTrumpeter1
32252Swordfish Mk.II bombs and rocketsTrumpeter1
32253Su-27/Su-30 Flanker air intakesTrumpeter1
32254AV-8B exteriorTrumpeter1
32255Su-27UB Flanker C exteriorTrumpeter1
32256Kittyhawk Mk.I/Mk.III landing flapsHasegawa1
32257Kittyhawk Mk.I/Mk.III exteriorHasegawa1
32258Kittyhawk Mk.I/Mk.III gun bayHasegawa1
32259P-40N exteriorHasegawa1
32260P-40N landing flapsHasegawa1
32261P-40N gun bayHasegawa1
32262AV-8B Night Attack exteriorTrumpeter1
32263MiG-23MF Flogger B exteriorTrumpeter1
32264Spitfire Mk.VIII exteriorTamiya1
32265Spitfire Mk.VIII landing flapsTamiya1
32266Bf-109F-4 exteriorHasegawa1
32267Ar-196A-3 exteriorRevell1
32268Bf-109F-4 exteriorTrumpeter1
32269F-14D exteriorTrumpeter1
32270Il-2 single seater Ski exteriorHobby Boss1
32271F-16I SUFA exteriorAcademy1
32272F/A-18E exteriorTrumpeter1
32273MiG-23MF weaponsTrumpeter1
32274MiG-23MF F.O.D.Trumpeter1
32275Il-2 armament and bomb tailsHobby Boss1
32276Il-2 landing flapsHobby Boss1
32277Hawk T1 Mk.53 exteriorRevell1
32278Su-25 Frogfoot exteriorTrumpeter1
32279Su-25 Frogfoot weaponsTrumpeter1
32280MiG-23ML F.O.D.Trumpeter1
32281MiG-23ML Flogger G exteriorTrumpeter1
32282Bf-109E-4 exteriorDragon/Cyber Hobby1
32283Spitfire Mk.Vb landing flapsHobby Boss1
32284P-40M gun bayHasegawa1
32285P-40M landing flapsHasegawa1
32286P-40M exteriorHasegawa1
32287Spitfire Mk.XVIe exteriorTamiya1
32288EA-18G exteriorTrumpeter1
32289He-111P-1 exteriorRevell1
32290Il-2M exteriorHobby Boss1
32291Il-2m landing flapsHobby Boss1
32292Spitfire Mk.XVIe landing flapsTamiya1
32293He-111 bomb bayRevell1
32294F-84E exteriorHobby Boss1
32295Harrier GR.Mk.7 exteriorTrumpeter1
32296Spitfire Mk.Vb/trop exteriorHobby Boss1
32297F/A-18E armamentTrumpeter1
32298F/A-18 ladderTrumpeter1
32299A-4E armamenttrumpeter1
32300EA-18G armamentTrumpeter1
32301Bf-109G-6 exteriorTrumpeter1
32302P-51D exteriorTamiya1
32303Spitfire Mk.Vb exteriorHobby Boss1
32304A-4E landing flapsTrumpeter1
32305A-4E slatsTrumpeter1
32306He-111 undercarriageRevell1
32307P-51D engineTamiya1
32308Il-2M armament and bomb tailsHobby Boss1
32309F-14D armamentTrumpeter1
32310F-14D undercarriageTrumpeter1
32311Il-2m3 landing flapsHobby Boss1
32312Il-2m3 exteriorHobby Boss1
32313J2M3 Raiden exteriorHasegawa1
32314F-84G exteriorHobby Boss1
32315F-117A bomb bayTrumpeter1
32316F-117A exteriorTrumpeter1
32317A-4M slatsTrumpeter1
32318A-4M landing flapsTrumpeter1
32319B-25J exteriorHK Models1
32320B-25 ammunition beltsHK Models1
32321B-25 bomb bayHK Models1
32322Bf-109E-7 exteriorTrumpeter1
32323Ju-87B-2 exteriorTrumpeter1
32324Heinkel He-219 exteriorRevell1
32325Heinkel He-219 undercarriageRevell1
32326Westland Lynx Mk.88 sonar exteriorRevell1
32327P-51K exteriorTamiya1
32328Westland Lynx Mk.88 exteriorRevell1
32330Douglas A-1D Skyraider exteriorTrumpeter1
32331He-111H-6 exteriorRevell1
32332Messerschmitt Bf-109E-3 exteriorCyber Hobby1
32333P-61A/P-61B Black Widow exteriorHobby Boss1
32334P-61A/P-61B Black Widow undercarriageHobby Boss1
32335Ju-87R exteriorTrumpeter1
32336B-17G bomb bayHK Models1
32337B-17G landing flapsHK Models1
32338B-17G enginesHK Models1
32340B-17G exteriorHK Models1
32341P-61A/P-61B Black Widow engine detailHobby Boss1
32342B-17G undercarriageHK Models1
32343Vought F4U-1 Corsair Bird Cage Birdcage engineTamiya1
32344Vought F4U-1 Corsair Bird Cage Birdcage exteriorTamiya1
32345A-4F slatsTrumpeter1
32346A-4F landing flapsTrumpeter1
32347Westland Lynx MK.3 exteriorRevell1
32348Lockheed F-104G Starfighter exteriorItaleri1
32349Douglas A-1D Skyraider engineTrumpeter1
32350Spitfire Mk.II landing flapsRevell1
32351Messerschmitt Bf-109G-6 tools and boxesRevell1
32352Junkers Ju-88A-4 exteriorRevell1
32353Grumman A-6A Intruder exteriorTrumpeter1
32354T-6G exterior/ landing flapsKitty Hawk1
32355Me-163B exteriorMeng Models1
32356Douglas A-1H/AD-6 Skyraider exteriorTrumpeter1
32357Douglas A-1H/AD-6 Skyraider engineTrumpeter1
32358Gloster Meteor F.4 exteriorHK Models1
32359Grumman A-6A Intruder undercarriageTrumpeter1
32360Spitfire Mk.II exteriorRevell1
32361P-51K wings armamentDragon1
32362P-51K exteriorDragon1
32363F-104C exteriorItaleri1
32364Dornier Do-335B-2 "Zerstorer" exteriorHK Models1
32365Vought F4U-1A Corsair engineTamiya1
32366Vought F4U-1A Corsair exteriorTamiya1
32367Wires and Stretchers STEEL 1
32368North-American/Rockwell OV-10D Bronco exteriorKitty Hawk1
32369F-86F Sabre Dog exteriorKitty Hawk1
32370Sikorsky MH-60S exterior 1:35Academy1
32371Sikorsky MH-60S interior 1:35Academy1
32372Focke-Wulf Fw-190F-8 landing flapsRevell1
32373Focke-Wulf Fw-190F-8 wheel bayRevell1
32374Focke-Wulf Fw-190F-8 armamentRevell1
32375Focke-Wulf Fw-190F-8 engineRevell1
32376De Havilland Mosquito Mk.IV bomb bayHK Models1
32377De Havilland Mosquito Mk.IV exterior/enginesHK Models1
32378Junkers Ju-87G-2 exteriorTrumpeter1
32379de Havilland Mosquito Mk.VI exteriorTamiya1
32380North-American/Rockwell OV-10A/C exteriorKitty Hawk1
32381Bell P-39Q/N exteriorKitty Hawk1
32382Bell P-39Q/N landing gearKitty Hawk1
32383Bell P-39Q/N landing flapsKitty Hawk1
32384Airspeed A.S.51 Horsa Glider Mk.I landing flapsBronco Models1
32385Dassault Mirage IIIC exteriorItaleri1
32386Vought OS2U Kingfisher exteriorKitty Hawk1
32387Grumman A-6E Intruder TRAM exteriorTrumpeter1
32388Grumman A-6E Intruder TRAM undercarriageTrumpeter1
32389North-American F-86K Sabre exteriorKitty Hawk1
32390North-American T-28B Trojan undercarriageKitty Hawk1
32391North-American T-28B Trojan exteriorKitty Hawk1
32392Hawker Tempest Mk.V landing flapsSpecial Hobby1
32393Mitsubishi A6M5c "Zero" landing flapsHasegawa1
32394Yakovlev Yak-3 landing flapsSpecial Hobby1
32395Messerschmitt Me-262B-1 exteriorRevell1
32396Republic P-47D Thunderbolt upgrade setEduard1
32397Boeing B-17E/F Flying Fortress enginesHK Models1
32398Boeing B-17E/F Flying Fortress landing flapsHK Models1
32399Boeing B-17E/F Flying Fortress undercarriageHK Models1
32400Boeing B-17E/F Flying Fortress bomb bayHK Models1
32401Boeing B-17E/F Flying Fortress exteriorHK Models1
32402Hawker Tempest Mk.II landing flapsSpecial Hobby1
32403Dassault Mirage IIIE/RItaleri1
32404F-35A Lightning II exteriorItaleri1
32405F-35A Lightning II wheel bays and bomb baysItaleri1
32406Curtiss P-40N Warhawk upgrade setHasegawa/Eduard1
32407Spitfire Mk.IXc exteriorRevell1
32408Spitfire Mk.IXc landing flapsRevell1
32409Mikoyan MiG-29A undercarriageTrumpeter1
32410Mikoyan MiG-29A exteriorTrumpeter1
32411Mikoyan MiG-29A air brakeTrumpeter1
32412Vought F4U-1D Corsair exteriorTamiya1
32413Vought F4U-1D Corsair engineTamiya1
32414Focke-Wulf Fw-190A-8 landing flapsRevell1
32415Focke-Wulf Fw-190A-8 engineRevell1
32416Focke-Wulf Fw-190A-8 exteriorRevell1
32417De Havilland Mosquito B Mk IX exterior/enginesHK Models1
32418De Havilland Mosquito B Mk IX bomb bayHK Models1
32419P-51D Mustang exteriorRevell1
32420P-51D Mustang undercarriageRevell1
32421North-American T-28C Trojan exteriorKitty Hawk1
32422North-American T-28C Trojan undercarriageKitty Hawk1
32423Hawker Tempest Mk.VI landing flapsSpecial Hobby1
32424Mikoyan MiG-29UB Fulcrum exteriorTrumpeter1
32425Mikoyan MiG-29UB Fulcrum undercarriageTrumpeter1
32426Northrop F-5E Tiger exteriorKitty Hawk1
32427TF-104G Starfighter exteriorItaleri1
32428Avro Lancaster B Mk.I landing flapsHKM1
32429Avro Lancaster B Mk.I bomb bayHKM1
32430Curtiss P-40F landing flapsTrumpeter1
32431Curtiss P-40F gun baysTrumpeter1
32432Avro Lancaster B.I/III B Mk.I bomb racksHK Models1
32433Avro Lancaster B.I/III B Mk.I undercarriageHK Models1
32434Curtiss P-40F Warhawk exteriorTrumpeter1
32435Northrop F-5F Tiger exteriorKitty Hawk1
32436Avro Lancaster B.I/III B Mk.I radiatorsHK Models1
32437B-24J Liberator undercarriageHobby Boss1
32438B-24J Liberator enginesHobby Boss1
32439F/A-18E Super Hornet exteriorRevell1
32440B-24J Liberator bomb bayHobby Boss1
32441B-24J Liberator bomb racksHobby Boss1
32442Westland Lynx Mk.8 exteriorRevell1
32443Messerschmitt Bf-110C-2/C-7 exteriorRevell1
32444Focke-Wulf Fw-190A-8/R2 exteriorRevell1
32445Focke-Wulf Fw-190A-8/R2 engineRevell1
32446Focke-Wulf Fw-190A-8/R2 landing flapsRevell1
32447MH-60L ammo feed chutesKitty Hawk1
32448Messerschmitt Me-262A-1 exteriorRevell1
32449P-40N Kittyhawk landing flapsTrumpeter1
32450P-40N Kittyhawk gun baysTrumpeter1
32451P-40N Kittyhawk exteriorTrumpeter1
32452Bf-108 TaifunEduard1
32453Douglas A-26B Invader undercarriageHobby Boss1
32454Douglas A-26B Invader bomb bay detail setHobby Boss1
32455Curtiss P-40E Kittyhawk exteriorTrumpeter1
32456Curtiss P-40E Kittyhawk gun baysTrumpeter1
32457Curtiss P-40E Kittyhawk landing flapsTrumpeter1
32458F-100F Super Sabre exteriorTrumpeter1
32459F-100F Super Sabre slatsTrumpeter1
32460F-100F Super Sabre air brakeTrumpeter1
32461F-100F Super Sabre undercarriageTrumpeter1
32462Tornado Gr.4 exteriorItaleri1
32463A-26C Invader bomb bayHobby Boss1
32464A-26C Invader undercarriageHobby Boss1
32465Curtiss P-40M exteriorTrumpeter1
32466Curtiss P-40M landing flapsTrumpeter1
32467Curtiss P-40M gun baysTrumpeter1
32468F-100C Super Sabre exteriorTrumpeter1
32469F-100C Super Sabre slatsTrumpeter1
32470F-100C Super Sabre air brakeTrumpeter1
32471F-100C Super Sabre undercarriageTrumpeter1
32472F-100C Super Sabre gun bayTrumpeter1
32473F-100C Super Sabre interior Part IITrumpeter1
32474F/A-18F Super Hornet exteriorRevell1
32475P-51D-15 Mustang exteriorRevell1
32476Panavia Tornado ECR exteriorItaleri1
32477North-American B-25H exteriorHKM1
32478Yak-9T landing flapsICM1
32479Yakovlev Yak-9K landing flapsICM1
32480Panavia Tornado IDS exteriorItaleri1
32481Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIb landing flapsRevell1
32482Sikorsky CH-54A Tarhe exteriorICM1
32483Spitfire Mk.I landing flapsKotare1
32484Douglas A-20G Havoc bomb bayHKM1
32485Douglas A-20G Havoc main wheel wellsHKM1
32486Douglas TBD-1 "Devastator" exteriorTrumpeter1
32487Douglas TBD-1 "Devastator" landing flapsTrumpeter1
32488Macchi MC.202 Folgore landing flapsItaleri1
32489Lockheed-Martin F-35 external pylonsTrumpeter1
32490A-20J/K Havoc / Boston Mk.IV bomb bay  
32491A-20J/K Havoc / Boston Mk.IV / Boston Mk.IV main wheel well