Configuration of antennas, accesories and camouflage schemes

airframe  polesEAPSaccesoriesaccesoriesaccesoriesaccesoriesaccesoriesaccesoriescamouflagenote
ZA671 O1+8yesSATCOM on spineRWR nose+tailERFS II IR jammer rails pink + black undersideorange ID panel on spine
ZA673 F1+5+4no RWR nose+tail    pink 
ZA675 B1+8yes RWR nose+tail  IR jammer rails pink 
ZA677 U1+8noSATCOM on spineRWR nose+tail 2xRWR front, 2xRWR aft engine pylonIR jammer rails night 
ZA679 Z1+5+4yes RWR nose+tail  IR jammer rails pinkorange ID panel on spine
ZA682 N1+8yes RWR nose+tail    pink 
ZA683 W1+5+4yesSATCOM on spineRWR nose+tail  IR jammer rails pink 
ZA684 L1+8yes RWR nose+tail  IR jammer rails pink 
ZA707 V1+5+4noSATCOM on spineRWR nose+tailERFS II IR jammer rails night 
ZA712 R1+5+4noSATCOM on spineRWR nose+tailERFS II2xRWR front, 2xRWR aft engine pylonIR jammer rails + jammerwinchnight 
ZA713 E1+5+4yesSATCOM on spineRWR nose+tailERFS II2xRWR front, 2xRWR aft engine pylonIR jammer rails + jammerwinchnight 
ZA720 P1+5+4yesSATCOM on spineRWR nose+tailERFS II IR jammer rails + jammerwinchnight 
ZD575 H1+5+4yes RWR nose+tailERFS II   pinkorange ID panel on spine
ZD576 G1+5+4yes RWR nose+tail    pink 
ZD980 J1+5+4yes RWR nose+tail    pink 
ZD981 D1+5+4no RWR nose+tail    pinkorange ID panel on spine
ZD982 I1+5+4yes RWR nose+tailERFS II   pink 


EAPS - Engine Air Particle Separator - special sand/dust filters - all airframes had the EAPS rails installed, and they used the EAPS filters in Gulf war. In the table above the airframes identified by pictures has YES in the "EAPS" cell.
Poles - means how many poles for wire antenna - 1+5+4 means two-row antenna, 1+8 means one-row antenna
SATCOM - Satellite downlink antenna on spine
RWR nose+tail - means the small bulge antennas on nose under the windshield and on tail pylon
2xRWR front, 2xRWR aft engine pylon - means the small RWR antennas on front and aft engine pylon, they were taken from the Vulcan bombers
IR jammer rails - means the rails on the aft fuselage, under engine pylon, they are for attaching the IR jammer
ERFS II - means the helo was updated so it can carry Extended Range Fuel System II fuel tanks in the cabin (the ones not updated can carry only ERFS, not ERFS II)
orange ID panel on spine - orange panel painted on top of the fuselage for quick identification from air of "friendly/foe", listed where there is a photo proof, but probably all airframes had it painted on
winch - means if the winch was installed on the right side above the front door


There are double letter codes in some pics. They were applied after the return from Gulf.
The "codes" were first white, then resprayed yellow.
Some machines were equipped with M-134 miniguns in the front doors, which had their upper part with window removed, and some of them had installed hoses for spent cartridges. Mostly SpecOps with "night" camouglages.

Aftermarket sets for Italeri/Revell 1:48

EX248 canopy mask (Tamiya tape) PDF instructions
49422 cargo seatbelts PDF instructions
49421 interior PDF instructions
FE421 interior ZOOM PDF instructions
48600 cargo interior PDF instructions
48601 exterior PDF instructions
BIG49006 BIG ED PE set

4203 Interior set Website
4204 Engine set Website
4218 exterior set Website
4219 rear fuselage roof interior Website

Cobra Company
48057 Detail set of the above the ramp roof area where the APU is

3D Boats
EAPS filters Website

What is missing on Italeri/Revell 1:48 kit?

- EAPS rails
- EAPS itself (from 3D Boats)
- "flare boxes" on the sides of tail rotor pylon - included in CMK set (but wrong shape for Gulf machines !!!)
- missing RWRs on nose and tail - included in CMK set (but maybe wrong shape for Gulf machines)
- AN/ALQ-157 IR jammer racks - included in CMK set
- AN/ALQ-157 IR jammers - included in CMK set
- SATCOM antenna - for specific airframes
- lower row of pylons for wire antenna on the left side of the fuselage - for specific airframes
- holes for antenna pylons are in wrong place, they should be moved about 1-2 mm to the right, because in the kit they are drilled in place of the internal structure ribs, which is impossible (check pics for reference)
- no rivets at all on the fuselage