Boeing Vertol HC.Mk 1 Chinook - 1:48 Revell build

For my kit, I chose the Chinook ZA671 "O"
Picture of real helo HERE

I will use the following aftermarket sets:

BIG49006 BIG ED PE set containing:

EX248 canopy mask (Tamiya tape) PDF instructions
49422 cargo seatbelts PDF instructions
49421 interior PDF instructions
FE421 interior ZOOM PDF instructions
48600 cargo interior PDF instructions
48601 exterior PDF instructions
49009 Remove Before Flight tags PDF instructions

4218 exterior set Website

+ a lot of scratchbuilding using Evergreen plastic profiles, plastic boards, fine copper and lead wires

What is missing on Italeri/Revell 1:48 kit?

- EAPS rails - will scratchbuild them from the Evergreen plastic profiles
- EAPS itself - 3D printed from Shapeways
- "flare boxes" on the sides of tail rotor pylon - they are included in CMK set exterior set, but they are wrong shape, so need to scratchbuild them
- AN/ALQ-157 IR jammer racks and jammers itself - they are included in CMK set, so I will use them
- SATCOM antenna - must scratchbuild it
- no rivets at all on the fuselage - must use the rivetting tool and add the rivets