I would like to thank my friend Vjekoslav Ranec and his PaulusVictor for invaluable help when looking for info or pics. We cooperated on releasing Desert Harriers decals in 1:114/1:72 and 1:48 scale. You can find it HERE

AV-8B Harrier II

The AV-8B Harrier II is the second generation of a single-engine Harrier Jump Jet family of ground-attack aircraft, capable of vertical or short takeoff and landing (V/STOL). Although they bear an obvious family resemblance to earlier Harriers (AV-8A/C, GR.1/3, Sea Harriers), the AV-8B and later versions of the Harrier are a new design, so do not use any early Harrier version reference material. Compared with the first generation, AV-8B has a larger wing made of composite material, a new engine, a lot more internal fuel, a new cockpit and advanced avionics. The U.S. version had seven store stations, six wing mounted and one on the fuselage centreline, plus a gun pod. The AV-8B’s primary mission was always to provide close air support to U.S. Marine forces on the ground.


A - Use the basic nose of the AV-8B. This nose variant was not the same as the one used by British Harrier versions. Do not use later Harrier II nose variants which contain FLIR bump (AV-8B Night Attack) and/or AN/APG-65 radar (AV-8B+). Picture
B - All AV-8Bs used in the Gulf War had a retractable in-flight refueling probe on the left air intake as a standard feature. Picture
C - Use correct small leading-edge wing root extensions (65% LERX). Later Harrier II’s had bigger LERX (100%). Picture
D - All AV-8Bs were equipped with two chaff/flare dispensers located under the fuselage, just behind the speedbrake. Only later AV-8B(NA) and AV-8B+ were equipped with two additional dispensers on top of either side of the fuselage, so do not use them on your kit. Picture
E - AV-8B’s ram air intake at the base of the tail was relatively short. This would change as the aircraft went through later modifications. The final intake extends much more forward than earlier examples. Picture
F - Although it appears the AV-8B had 2 gun pods, there was in fact only one gun mounted in the port side pod. All the ammunition resides in the starboard pod. When the gun was removed, two ventral strakes were installed instead for better stability in hover. Picture
Note: a very small number of early AV-8B’s lack the 3rd boarding step (the step closest to the nose tip). This step was added later in production after BuNo. 162081. You will notice different stencil layout. If needed, fill these boarding step panel lines on your kit and use the correct stencil layout. Check your reference sources if you need to make this modification.
So, you need to fill the 3rd boarding step (the step closest to the nose tip) on airframes: 161573/WH-16, 161575/WH-13, 161584/WH-??, 162069/WH-40, 162070/VL-03, 162074/VL-07, 162076/VL-11, 162080/VL-09 and 162081/CG-09. Picture
Stencil layout for the nose of the Harrier Picture

AV-8B Harrier in 1:144

Kits - Revell 04038, Dragon (Revell 04025 is a rebox of Dragon kit)


RetroKit - RW44002 air intakes with partially opened auxilliary intakes (Revell)
Brengun - 144090 vacu canopy (Revell), 144035 detail set (Revell), 144141 engine nozzles (Dragon/Revell), 144145 wheels (Dragon/Revell)
Peewit - 144021 canopy mask (Revell)
KV Models - KV14306 masks (Revell)

Note: You can build the Gulf war Harrier OOB in 1:114 from old Dragon kit only. You can adapt the Revell kit, but it will be a lot of work - use the GUIDE above. The kit needs to shave off the FLIR mount, trim the LERXes and shorted the intake at the base of the vertical tail.

AV-8B Harrier in 1:72

Kits - Hasegawa 00449 (D19)/00355


Aires - AIRE7177 wheel bay
Montex - 72034 Canopy mask
Aires - AIR07173 Cockpit set, AIR7177 Wheel bay, 7290 wheels and paint masks
Heritage Aviation - HAAC 72001 Intakes with dropped doors
Eduard - XS118 Canopy mask
Dream Model - DM0507 PE detail set
Armory - 72405 wheels, weighted
Quickboost - 72548 ejection seat with safety belts
Attack Squadron - ASQ72127 engine nozzles, ASQ72126 wheels, ASQ72132 Cockpit Upgrade PE
Metallic Details - MDMDR7213 swiveling nozzles and outrigger wheels
Flying Leathernecks - FLS48003 HUD Glass. Cut in .005 clear styrene, enough for six aircraft
ResKit - RS72-0212 wheels set

Note: There are many kits of AV-8B in 1:72. The best way to build the Gulf war Harrier OOB in 1:72 is from Hasegawa kit.

AV-8B Harrier in 1:48

Kits - Hasegawa 09538
Quickboost - QB48522 seat with safety belts
Aires - AIRE4207 weighted wheels + masks, 4213 cockpit set, 4201 wheel bay
Eduard - XF225 Canopy mask
Montex - 48046 Canopy mask
Black Magic - CEBM48549 Canopy and Wheel Hub Masks
Heritage Aviation - HAAC 48001 Intakes with dropped doors, HAAC 48002 Detail set
Airwaves - AES48125 Weighted wheels and undercarriage leg set
Scale Aircraft Conversions - 48025 Landing gear - metal
Amraam Line - 48007 AN/ALQ-164 DECM Pod
Furball Aero-Design - FMS015 Canopy and Wheel Hubs masks
Armory - 48405 wheels, weighted
Metallic Details - MDMDR4816 swiveling nozzles and outrigger wheels
Steel Beach - 48203 intake covers
Flying Leathernecks - FLM48-12 Canopy and Wheel Hub Mask Set, FL48-8007 Mk-77 fire bomb (2), FL48-8021 pylons
CMK - CMK4396 engine
ResKit - RS48-0212 wheels set

Note: There are many kits of AV-8B in 1:48. The best way to build the Gulf war Harrier OOB in 1:48 is from Hasegawa kit.

AV-8B Harrier in 1:32

Kits - Trumpeter 02229
Eduard - JX105 canopy mask, 32668 seatbelts, 33063 interior self adhesive ZOOM, 32254 exterior, 32672 interior - self adhesive, 32723 Chaff and Flare dispensers, 32693 early formation lights, BIG3308 BIG PE set
Aires - 2115 cockpit set, 2116 wheel bay, 2120 SJU-4/7A ejection seat, 320136 pilot with ejection seat
Scale Aircraft Conversions - 32033 metal landing gear
Flying Leathernecks - FLM32-12 Canopy and Wheel Hub Mask Set, FLS32003 HUD Glass. Cut in .007 clear styrene, enough for six aircraft
Steel Beach - 32010 Intake Plugs
Aerobonus - 320136 pilot with ejection seat
ResKit - 320212 wheels set

Note: There is only one kit in 1:32.

AV-8B Harrier in 1:18

Kits - Hobby Boss 81804
Note: There is only one kit in 1:18. The kit has the new APG nose and various add-ons for late version Harriers. So use the Guide at top of the page and backdate it to better represent Gulf war Harrier.